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PMC Launching new program in niger

Cody Peluso Jul 24, 2023

Step into Niger, a captivating West African nation that proudly boasts a tapestry of rich cultural heritage.

Yet, amidst its vibrant traditions lies a distressing concern that demands our attention: child marriage. According to UNICEF, nearly 5 million girls (about twice the population of Mississippi) are child brides with a heartbreaking three out of four girls exchanging vows in childhood. The resilient girls of Niger are confronted with significant challenges because of discriminatory gender norms, trapping them in subservient roles within society. This pervasive and harmful practice not only deprives girls of their childhood, but it also has serious long-term consequences for their education, health, and overall well-being.  

Deeply rooted gender norms hold women and girls captive within traditional roles, limiting their opportunities for leadership, decision-making, and financial independence. These discriminatory practices have led to high rates of child marriage, lack of education among girls, poor nutrition, early fertility, and large families. To secure a thriving future for Niger and its young population, it is imperative to challenge these gender norms, empower girls through education, and foster the development of tomorrow’s leaders. Recognizing this need, a groundbreaking project is launching in Niger to address these issues and ignite positive transformation. 

Education is a key factor in empowering girls and breaking the cycle of discrimination. However, in Niger, there is a significant gender disparity in educational enrollment rates. In 2017, the gross enrollment rate for girls in primary school was 72.1%, compared to 83.1% for boys. At the lower and upper secondary levels, the gap widened further, with far fewer girls enrolled than boys. 

the radio SHOW initiative

In an ambitious effort to address these pressing issues, Niger will witness the launch of a game-changing radio drama project. This 72-episode multi-thematic radio drama, broadcast in Nigerian Hausa, will be aired in prime time throughout the country for six months, three times a week. The project aims to engage and educate communities, challenge harmful gender norms, and empower girls with captivating storytelling. 

Interwoven Plots and Cross-Cutting Issues:

The radio show will feature three interwoven plots, each addressing a major issue affecting girls and women of Niger. The three major themes to be addressed are girls’ education, child marriage, and adolescent sexual and reproductive health. The radio show will also address adolescent nutrition and positive masculinity. Additionally, a cross-cutting issue, such as advocating for gender equality and women’s empowerment, will be incorporated throughout the show. A minor issue, related to specific challenges faced by girls in Niger, will also be integrated into the storyline.

Wide Distribution and Promotion:

Powered by the collaborative efforts of Studio Kalangou and PMC, the radio show will weave its magic efforts across Niger through a network of community and commercial radio stations. Ensuring widespread accessibility, the content will be distributed through memory cards and WhatsApp notifications. This approach aims to reach audiences in both urban and rural areas, providing valuable information and entertainment to communities in Niger.

To maximize the project’s influence, PMC and the participating radio stations will join forces in promotional activities. Working hand in hand, they will spark awareness, generate excitement, and encourage community engagement with the radio show. Together, they will amplify the project’s impact and encourage positive behavior change.

Interactive Talk Shows and Community Engagement:

In this dynamic collaboration with Studio Kalangou and the community radio network, PMC will coordinate live interactive talk shows. These talk shows, hosted by selected community radio stations, will complement the radio fictional drama by providing a platform for audience participation, discussion, and sharing of personal experiences. In this way, the talk shows will foster open dialogue, address questions, and provide additional guidance on the topics covered in the radio show.

To fortify community involvement and outreach, interpersonal communication (IPC) and community engagement initiatives will be implemented in coordination with UNICEF and local NGO/community organization partners. Within this framework, pre-established listening clubs will be established to facilitate group discussions, knowledge sharing, and community support. These clubs will serve as nurturing havens, offering a safe space for girls and women to express their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations, fostering empowerment and encouraging community-wide support.

The launch of this transformative radio project in Niger marks an important step towards eliminating gender-based discrimination and empowering girls and women. By addressing key issues with captivating storytelling, interactive talk shows, and community engagement, the project aims to challenge harmful gender norms, promote girls’ education, and create a more inclusive and equitable society. With the collaborative efforts of PMC, Studio Kalangou, UNICEF, and local partners, this initiative holds boundless potential to bring about lasting change and pave the way for a brighter future for Niger and its young generation.