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PMC President Bill ryerson interview on trt news

Nov 30, 2022

This Interview Originally Aired On TRT and Rebroadcasted Here

World population hits 8 billion: good or bad?

The United Nations says the human population of planet earth has now surpassed 8 billion. But it’s an upward trend with consequences that are not clear cut, and which might not continue for long. Areas in the Global South are seeing the biggest population growth, in part driven by a lack of access to contraception. But wealthy societies across the world are facing the opposite issue – their populations are actually getting older and more expensive. So what challenges are governments around the world facing from the ever changing population? Guests: Jennifer Sciubba Author of ‘8 Billion and Counting’ Kathleen Mogelgaard President of the Population Institute Bill Ryerson Founder and President of Population Media Center

Bill Ryerson On TRT Roundtable