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PMC Welcomes Erica Goldberg as New Program Manager

Nov 21, 2019

Population Media Center (PMC), an international leader in entertainment designed to empower girls and protect the environment, is pleased to announce the addition of Erica Goldberg as Program Manager. Goldberg, who has more than seven years’ experience managing international USAID projects, will be managing PMC’s work in Zambia and Rwanda.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Erica join our team,” says Kriss Barker, Vice President of International Programs. “The experience she brings to PMC will help ensure that we’re implementing top-notch programs. She has a tremendous attention to detail and is already bringing added value and perspective to our work.”

It is safe to say that Erica is no stranger to field work, having worked in the field in Armenia, Colombia, Ghana, India, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, and Togo. She talks about the many roles and responsibilities she’s had sculpting different international programs and says she’s been drawn to PMC since interning with the organization eight years ago.

“It’s really inspiring to me – making real changes,” says Erica. “I have been working in international development since I interned at PMC and it can be easy to feel removed from the actual impact the programs you are supporting have, but PMC is a results-driven organization where the impact is at the forefront of the work.”

Erica is particularly excited about delving into working in Zambia and Rwanda, and the untapped potential for PMC’s growth within the countries where PMC works in order to create even bigger impact.

“I’m excited to learn about the ins and outs of our methodology and how it is applied in different settings to create different entertaining shows,” says Erica. “PMC’s vision for remaining in country to have a big impact on social norms – there are tons of opportunities to do just that. We can apply our theory of change in innovative ways and still stay true to our core vision.”

When Erica is not thinking through program implementation or getting excited about learning about cooperative agreements and a diverse pool of donors in addition to USAID, you can find her biking, hiking, knitting, or reading. You might also find her in the pottery studio, which she has done off-and-on since the third grade. This seems fitting for someone who spends her weekdays building and supporting international programs and who obviously enjoys hands-on experience. Her specialty? Big ceramic coil pots like the one pictured here.


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