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Population Media Center Launches New Show, Jolokoto, in Nigeria

Jul 23, 2019

A nonprofit entertainment company dedicated to social impact, Population Media Center (PMC), is thrilled to announce the launch of Jolokoto (“Mirror of Life”), its seventh radio show in Nigeria. Previous shows have been highly popular and impactful, shifting perspectives and social acceptability around widespread topics like child marriage, domestic violence, and obstetric fistula.

Jolokoto will address youth and young adults on a number of subjects that include gender-based violence, post-abortion care, and family planning.

“We hope to break barriers – traditional, religious and social – that inhibit the uptake of health services among the audience,” says Ephraim Okon, Resident Representative of PMC-Nigeria. “The reproductive health status of young people in West Africa in general, and Nigeria in particular, is poor compared with other regions of the world. We also wish to give a voice to gender-based violence victims and also let young people with unintended pregnancies know that it is not the end of life and that they have options to help them achieve their dreams. It is time to empower through Jolokoto to address these sensitive and important issues.”

Jolokoto will air from July 8th, 2019 through August 24th, 2020 on a total of 16 stations across Ogun State and Oyo State in southwestern Nigeria. The radio show is being recorded in Yoruba, one of Nigeria’s official languages, and a major language spoken by Ogun State and Oyo State citizens.

When asked if there’s anything people should know about Jolokoto, Okon promises that listeners will be engaged: “The show is suspense-filled, intriguing, educational, and informative.”

You can keep up with the Jolokoto community online through Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.