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Population Media Center to Contribute Thoughts Toward the Deep Ecology Manifesto

Oct 17, 2016

Deep ecology takes a perspective that goes beyond the common label of environmentalism. Deep ecology indicates a commitment to the inherent value of all living creatures. It’s a shift from the emphasis that often accompanies environmental efforts, the need or benefit to human sustainability, toward a universal sustainability – a mindset that is not human-focused. On October 21, many people well-known within the deep ecology movement will come together for the Deep Ecology Collaboratory to discuss and create the “Deep Ecology Manifesto,” including two employees of Population Media Center.

The three-day meeting will be held at Rancho El Chorro on a 250-acre nature reserve in San Luis Obispo County, California. Population Media Center (PMC), a nonprofit that addresses the environmental implications of the rapid increasingly human population by working to improve the rights and health of women and girls, has two people speaking: Founder and President, Bill Ryerson, and Director of Issue Advocacy, Joe Bish.

“I am looking forward to an honest discussion about population as related to deep ecology,” says PMC’s Joe Bish. “I think the conference’s efforts to create a ’Deep Ecology Manifesto’ offers an opportunity and I’m excited to share my knowledge and perspectives, and suggest a set of solutions that can be incorporated into the Manifesto.”

The Collaboratory speakers include Ryerson and Bish from PMC; Dave Forman, author and co-founder of Earth First!; Eileen Crist, educator and author; Stephanie Mills, activist and author of Whatever Happened to Ecology?; Jerry Mander, Director of the International Forum on Globalization; Derrick Jensen, author of Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet; and Robert Gifford, professor and environmental psychology researcher at University of Victoria, BC, Canada.

“Humans must face the fact that we cannot continue on our current course without precipitating global environmental disaster,” says Stacey Hunt, CEO of Ecologistics, Inc. the organization putting together the Collaboratory. “Participants will address the biodiversity crisis, overpopulation, and globalization through the lens of Deep Ecology principles, which recognizes the inherent value of all living creatures.

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