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Second Annual No Footprint Event: Not Every Woman

Aug 26, 2021

Not Every Woman: A Virtual Discussion on the ‘Childfree Choice’

Leading childfree advocates will gather virtually to discuss the personal, environmental, financial, and sustainability factors many women and families consider when deciding to be childfree. Presented by Population Media Center (PMC), the Not Every Woman panel features four women at the center of the childfree movement – including Maxine Trump, the director of To Kid or Not to Kid, and Dr. Amy Blackstone, author of Childfree By Choice.

The virtual panel discussion will be held via Zoom at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 16. Registration information is available at

About the Panelists

Maxine Trump, Film Director Of To Kid Or Not To Kid – Maxine Trump worked for the BBC in London for seven years as a development executive for scripted comedy before emigrating to the US and working as a TV commercial director and producer for eight years. She won BDA awards for her work on numerous commercial projects for Network TV and agency clients. She went on to direct documentaries for Sundance, TNT, BBC, TLC, Discovery, and more.

Dr. Amy Blackstone, Sociologist and Author Of Childfree By Choice – A professor of sociology, Dr. Amy Blackstone has been studying the childfree choice since 2008 – a choice she and her husband had already confidently and happily made. Using her own and others’ research, as well as her personal experience, Blackstone delves into the childfree movement from its conception to today, exploring gender, race, sexual orientation, politics, environmentalism, and feminism, as she strips away the misconceptions surrounding non-parents and reveals the still radical notion that support of the childfree can lead to better lives and societies for all.

Dr. Adeeti Gupta, MD, FACOG, Founder and CEO of Walk In GYN – Dr. Adeeti Gupta has been a practicing OBGYN in the NY area for over 15 years. After witnessing the deficiencies in women’s health care, she engaged her entrepreneurial spirit and founded Walk In GYN, the first ever network of walk in GYN centers around the country. Caring for all women with compassion and empowering women with preventative holistic health care are some of the core values that she promulgates. Dr. Gupta is a Presidential Leadership Scholar and is striving to change women’s health for a better future for all. She also specializes in Sexual Health and Integrative Medicine.

Emma Lim, Environmental Activist – As a 19-year-old environmental activist and McGill University student, Emma Lim pledges not to have children until she is sure the Canadian government is taking serious steps to battle climate change. She launched a climate-change movement dubbed, “#NoFutureNoChildren” and is a founding member of Climate Strike Canada.

Registration for the virtual event is live at