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Staff Spotlight: Susan Jones

Oct 27, 2020

We spoke to Susan Jones this month about what drew her to work at PMC and what it means to make a difference in the world “one spreadsheet at a time.”

What is your name, position, and how long have you worked for PMC?

My name is Susan Jones. I work at HQ in the main South Burlington, Vermont office as Finance Associate. December will mark my three-year anniversary working for PMC.

What is your favorite thing about working at PMC?

I get to work with fantastic people all over the world to make life better for so many individuals. When I’m having a difficult day, I think about that and it makes me smile and feel so good about what I’m doing.

I very much enjoy my relationship with each program office’s Finance Officer. We work closely together to ensure programs have the funds necessary to carry out activities, as well as working on internal and external financial reporting.

Each month I receive financial reports from PMC offices around the globe. Most people would find this sleep-inducing, but I love it. The transactions that make up the report tell a story of not only what each office is doing but also who is doing it, which personalizes each financial transaction.

What is a normal day for you at PMC?

I’m an early bird and like to get into the office early, which gives me quiet time to wade through email. Each day is different, often guided by what is in my inbox. Quite a bit of my time is spent paying invoices and ensuring vendors are paid in a timely fashion.

My job is cyclical, so early in the month I stay busy reconciling bank and credit card accounts and preparing various HQ reports based on these accounts. Once the monthly financial reports start coming in from the various program offices, I review and consolidate them with HQ accounting and prepare any donor reporting. As the month progresses, I stay busy dealing with items that I put off during the first part of the month such as ad hoc reporting and assisting Bill Rider, our Vice President of Finance.

Why did you decide to work for PMC?

I was working for a large captive insurance management firm and thought that there had to be more meaningful work out there. I began looking for employment ads. My curiosity was piqued by an employment ad posted by PMC that read something along the lines of, “make a difference in the world one spreadsheet at a time.” I immediately pulled up the PMC website and learned that the issues PMC addresses mirror my interests. From that point on, I knew PMC was the place for me.

Tell us a little about your childhood, family, or favorite things to do outside of PMC.

I grew up in Vermont with my two older brothers and parents. Currently, I live with my fiancé Gary and crazy cat, Noodles. I enjoy biking, swimming, yoga, and good wine. Winter is my favorite season and I love snow – playing in it, walking in it, and just looking at it. I enjoy cooking and like to smoke meats and fish as well as peppers. I even make my own chipotle seasonings. I also make soap, sugar scrubs, and other bath products, which I do not sell but love to give away.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your work?

I feel very fortunate to work at PMC. The people that I have met and work with daily are amazing and I really value our interactions. The work that PMC does around the world is so very important and it is fantastic to be a part of it!