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Jun 24, 2022

There may never be anything more ironic — or perhaps Freudian is the better word — than Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas comments in the wake of the May 2, 2022 leak of a draft US Supreme Court majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Four days later, on May 6, while appearing at the Eleventh Circuit judicial conference in Atlanta, Justice Thomas was asked about threats to the independence of the nation’s judiciary.

Reuters report cites Thomas answering that society is “…becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes, not living with the outcomes we don’t like.” Thomas reportedly added that, “We can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week [i.e. the leak] are a symptom of that.”

According to a Wall Street Journal poll conducted with NORC at the University of Chicago — a nonpartisan research organization that measures social attitudes — Thomas must be feeling denigrated by what he interprets as the tranny of the majority. Because this poll, which surveyed 1,071 adults from May 9 through May 17, found that 68% of respondents said they would not like to see the court completely overturn Roe, while 30% said they would support that move.

The Journal reports, “Some 57% of respondents said a woman should be able to obtain a legal abortion if she wants it for any reason, the highest share since NORC began asking the question every few years starting in 1977. The share opposed to a woman having an abortion simply because she wants one, 41%, was the lowest on record.”

Yet, today on June 24, 2022 the US Supreme Court eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion — even as it has been the settled law of the land for almost 50 years. Researchers think this will lead to severe bans on the procedure in about half of the states.

By effectively denouncing the obvious majority opinion of US citizens, it appears the Court itself has turned into a bully. The idea that Justice Thomas put forth — that somehow the majority opinion of citizens of the United States is a bullying threat to the sanctity of the Court —is even more sordid when we think of the women and girls who will now suffer because abortion is no longer afforded federal statutory protections.

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