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Top 10 Reasons to Care About World Population Day

For World Population Day this year, Population Media Center took a look at laws and social norms internationally and we came up with a few confounding questions. For instance, why do Americans have the legal right to shepherd 2,000 sheep up Hollywood Blvd — as long as you don’t have 2001 sheep you’re fine — but women access to birth control depends largely on your zip code and economic status? Why doesn’t every country have Sweden’s condom ambulance? And why does Viagra seem better subsidized than birth control? It’s #RidiculousRight?! And here are some reasons why you might want to care about World Population Day, too.


You can join ranks with the President of Niger, the Health Minister of Nigeria, the government of Egypt, a woman race car driver, thousands of scientists, thousands of more scientists, the Dali Lama, the Senate of Rwanda, powerful environmentalists – and, to be frank, just about every person who has ever thought about the planet, the rights of other species to exist, and human carrying capacity. They all know population is a serious issue that can be solved by highlighting the best aspects of humanity.

Leilani Münter, champion of the child-free – and bad-ass race car driver.


Did you know the human population of the planet increases by around 228,000 people (net gain) every single day?If not, now you understand the benefit of knowing about World Population Day — you can practice counting REALLY fastand NONSTOP:


There is a lot of debate these days about who has what rights – and how did they get them? Or, how did they miss out? Well, by participating in World Population day you can keep your head clear and focus on something really simple – supporting the human right to family planning:


You can increase Alex Jones’ paranoia –hard to do, but now possible! Sure, you probably didn’t put this on your to-do list when you brushed your teeth this morning, but the dude needs all the help he can get.

Mmmmkay, Alex.


You can look at some scary, stunning and amazing pictures – then share the impact of human population size and growth on social media. These pictures have been viewed million of times — we think you’ll see why. Click here to see the images.

Photograph: Pablo Lopez Luz, Global Population Speak Out


You can learn to appreciate those who have chosen to be child-free to protect the environment and avoid the awkward family question of “why don’t you have kids yet?” Just proclaim you’re “child-free for the environment.”


This one actually sucks, folks. But, by getting involved in World Population Day, you can learn to appreciate the tragic oppression that women suffer because of pro-natalism, low social status, and myths and misinformation about the safety and efficacy of modern contraception:


You know that whole sixth mass extinction thing? Well, by getting involved in World Population Day, you can try and grasp how upsetting anthropocentrism must be for non-humans.


By getting involved in World Population Day, you could get accosted on the street by some activist handing out “Endangered Species Condoms.” What do you think – are you in?

Learn More About Endangered Species Condoms:


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