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Volunteers Needed! PMC’s “Get Reel”

Jun 19, 2017

Population Media Center’s Get Reel campaign shows the realities for women and girls around the world and showcases the power of PMC’s entertainment to create real change. Every week of the six-week campaign will illuminate a new part of the Get Reel story. 

We are recruiting volunteers who will be Get Reel Ambassadors, helping to raise money and awareness.

There are numerous ways to volunteer. Sign up to get more information.

Get Reel Details:

The Get Reel Campaign is a six-week campaign running from September 12 through Oct 24.  Campaign Ambassadors will be asked to raise funds and awareness about PMC’s work during that timeframe. You can be as creative as you want to be. You can host a happy hour, organize a texting party, host a backyard BBQ, send emails, or make phone calls. In other words – you contribute in ways that you feel comfortable.

Campaign Ambassadors will have access to a campaign toolkit and optional training phone calls to learn more about the campaign and campaign elements. There will be everything from texting tools to short, powerful videos. As a Campaign Ambassador, you will become part of the PMC family and we will work to provide you with everything you need to raise money and spread the word. You will be kept “in the loop” regarding all things PMC and receive special invitations to events throughout the year.

This is your chance to make a difference! Sign up today. There’s no time to waste.

Why volunteer for PMC’s Get Reel campaign?

It will be fun, rewarding, and you’ll know that you are helping women around the world pursue better lives. PMC is an entertainment nonprofit creating individual and social change that enhances the rights of women & girls and impacts the environment. PMC produces a unique form of entertainment-education that:

PMC’s versatile and cost-effective communications intervention successfully addresses multiple, deeply entrenched beliefs. What’s more, the scale of impact motivates societal shifts that create the conditions for long-term behavior and social norm change. The Get Reel campaign will be fun, but powerful. It will present the realities facing women and girls with visual, written, and video storytelling. It will be a way to share the realities with friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. It’s time to Get Reel.