When people tell us one of our programs has changed their lives, we’re inspired. Our funders make this work happen.

We take every dollar contributed seriously because it empowers us to empower others. We continue to add almost 83 million people every year to the world’s population, but together we’re acting for change – one inspirational drama, episode, and character at a time.

On these pages, you’ll find a list of our organizational funders and a little bit about them. We can’t do them all justice. They are committed to important issues – improving health and well-being around the world. PMC only accepts funding from organizations in alignment with PMC’s mission. If your organization is interested in learning more about partnering with PMC, please contact

PMC individual donors are included in each year’s annual report, and we couldn’t do this work without their tremendous support. If you would like to be part of this work, please donate now.

To all those who contribute, thank you for your support and inspiration. We will work to make your donation matter to the lives of many.

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