PMC-Arizona is helping address population issues in Arizona as well as in the United States and around the world.

Although Arizona may have wide-open spaces, its ever-growing population is straining its limited water supplies and threatening multiple animal species. Our public policies regarding reproductive health are ineffective and hurting individuals and the environment.

Population growth: Arizona’s population has quadrupled in less than 50 years.

Water scarcity: The Central Arizona Project recently revised water forecasts, emphasizing the risk of shortages as soon as 2019.

Unintended pregnancy: Half of all pregnancies in Arizona are unplanned.

Teen pregnancy: One out of every 12 teenage girls age 15 to 19 become pregnant each year in Arizona, which is five times the rate in Sweden.

Sex education: There is no requirement for schools to teach sex education in Arizona schools.  Where it is taught, courses often emphasize abstinence rather than providing a comprehensive and realistic program.

Arizona state laws: Burdensome requirements are imposed on women making reproductive health decisions.

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