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2022 Annual report

Oct 17, 2023


Population Media Center (PMC) proudly announces the release of its highly anticipated Annual Report. PMC marks a significant milestone as it celebrates 25 years of relentless dedication to global sustainability and women’s empowerment. Founded on June 15, 1998, by William Ryerson, PMC has evolved into an extraordinary organization that has positively impacted millions of lives around the world. 

PMC’s journey began with a vision – a vision that cost-effective entertainment could be a powerful catalyst for change. Over the last quarter-century, this vision has transformed into a reality.  

The newly unveiled annual report delves deep into PMC’s work last year, showcasing its significant achievements showcasing its significant achievements, steadfast community support, and commitment to change. 

Some of the notable highlights featured in the report include: 

  • Our show in Nepal, Rope Guna Fal mobilized 54,000 individuals to express their intention to stop child marriage within their families and communities.  
  • Over the past ten years, PMC’s programs have positively impacted the lives of 54,974,917 individuals. 
  • In the last 25 years, PMC’s programs have reached millions of people in 50 countries, sparking important conversations and bringing about significant positive changes. 

 “On the toughest days, I think about these numbers. I think about the courage of our audiences who make real change for themselves and their communities, said Ryerson. 

“The most rewarding and the most difficult journeys still lie ahead. We know that we are far from the equitable, flourishing world we all work toward. Thank you for being here with us.” 

As we embark on its official 25th anniversary and launch a year of celebration, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our ever-growing community of donors, partners, and our dedicated global staff who have played an instrumental role in making our vision a reality. We recognize that our progress has been made possible by your support, and we understand that our work must persist to create a more equitable and flourishing world for all.

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