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Jul 05, 2022

Crossing the Line, an immersive audio docuseries that follows individuals seeking abortions and the heroes who help along the way, launches July 6th, 2022. The timely and dynamic series allows the listener to experience the numerous barriers faced while seeking abortion healthcare and the ways people overcome them. All while the battle for abortion rights rages across the United States.

“Even before Roe was overturned, in many parts of the U.S., individuals seeking abortion healthcare traveled hundreds of miles, often across state lines, to find it,” said Lisa Caruso, Population Media Center’s Head of U.S. Content and creator of Crossing the Line. “It is more critical than ever to amplify personal stories and resources for those seeking abortions.”

Crossing the Line is a 10-part series with new episodes launching every two weeks through November 2022. The podcast is available on AppleSpotify, GoogleAmazon, and many other outlets. will host each episode along with valuable abortion resources, FAQs, and take-action guides. 

This series could not be launched at a timelier inflection point in the ongoing battle for reproductive freedom in the U.S. It is predicted that in the coming months over half of U.S. states will ban or heavily restrict abortion – impacting approximately 36 million people of reproductive age. In addition, 2022 has seen an extreme escalation in abortion restrictions, bans, and criminalization culminating in SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade on June 24th, 2022.

“The need for access to reproductive services in America is urgent,” says Caruso. “With these first-person narratives, our listeners will take the journey with individuals and those helping them navigate the path across family, emotional, and state lines. Crossing the Line will reveal the human side to each of these stories, as told from the frontline in the fight for reproductive freedom.”

A vital goal of Crossing the Line is ensuring listeners understand the legal ramifications at the state and federal levels and what they can do. For instance, people can write their legislators and ask to enact emergency protections for doctors performing surgical or medication abortions in states where abortion is legal. This will ensure that doctors are not criminalized for performing abortions on out-of-state patients. Additionally, is publishing a Listening and Take Action Party toolkit. The goal is to encourage and guide listeners to host listening parties to build action plans at the state and local level and circulate and Plan C Pills websites and resources. 

Population Media Center (PMC), is a global non-profit content studio that creates popular entertainment for social and environmental good. PMC has successfully used transformative storytelling with radio and television series to change global attitudes and behaviors on reproductive health. For example, Vencer el Miedo (“Overcome the Fear”), a PMC-produced telenovela in Mexico, reached 3.5 million nightly viewers in 2020 and moved the needle on contraception use and adolescent sex education. East Los High, PMC’s successful U.S. television series, inspired 27,000 viewers to use Planned Parenthood’s online screening tool during the show’s first season.