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Oct 06, 2023

New York City, — Population Media Center (PMC) is thrilled to unveil a sneak peek of some remarkable photos from our recent event that brought together iconic feminist leader Gloria Steinem and the commemoration of PMC’s 25th anniversary. These captivating images encapsulate the electric atmosphere, genuine joy, and unwavering commitment that made the evening an unforgettable celebration of progress and advocacy.

PMC is a beacon of transformative storytelling, using the power of media to role model actions that ignite a chain of planet-positive impact, uplifting individuals, communities, and the shared environments we hold dear. With a global community of 8 billion people, we recognize the urgent need for a more equitable and flourishing world, one that benefits all people and ecosystems. Our focus remains on finding solutions that resonate with all of humanity.

Our celebration of 25 years of storytelling for the global good was truly exceptional. Together with the legendary Gloria Steinem, we engaged in insightful conversations about feminism, dismantling patriarchal systems, and championing the rights of women and girls worldwide. The event was a powerful testament to our shared commitment to creating a more just and equitable world for all.

As we continue to write the script for our future, PMC extends an open invitation for all to join us. Together, we can celebrate 25 years of progress while eagerly embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our collective efforts will pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive world where the principles of equality and justice flourish.

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