Population Media Center (PMC) has undertaken impactful initiatives in Haiti, utilizing serialized radio dramas to address pressing social issues. These dramas serve as a platform to educate and inspire behavior change in communities across Haiti. PMC’s programs in Haiti have focused on topics such as family planning, gender equality, maternal health, and environmental conservation. By collaborating with local writers, actors, and broadcasters, PMC ensures cultural relevance and resonance with the audience. Through its efforts, PMC has contributed to raising awareness, shifting attitudes, and fostering positive outcomes in targeted areas throughout Haiti.

Country Director

Welcome to PMC-Haiti

Population media center began working in HAITI in NOVEMBER OF 2013

At the heart of our mission in Haiti is “Zoukoutap” (“To Limp”), a captivating radio series that aired from 2013 to 2020. This program addressed critical issues like child slavery and family planning, sparking conversations and fostering community engagement across the nation. Collaborating with local partners, PMC distributed “Zoukoutap” to radio stations nationwide, shedding light on Haiti’s “Restavek” system and advocating for change.

We are currently supporting the launch of “CHAPO BA,” an educational series aimed at promoting revalorisation and empowerment in Haiti. Through our involvement, including consultation on PMC research methodology and design and training writers, we’re committed to making a tangible impact on education and community development in Haiti.

Join us in celebrating the potential for a brighter future in Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic through the power of communication and storytelling.

Our Impact

“There are huge problems in Haiti that are difficult to solve. I was very impressed with  PMC’s methodology and its success. I needed a methodology to work with to make sure  there were measurable results. PMC’s methodology gave me exactly what I was looking  for : an extraordinary tool for behavior change.”

Christina Guérin, Country Director, PMC-Haiti

Our Project

Zoukoutap (“To Limp”) has flipped the script on social issues, like child slavery and family planning. The series launched in Haiti in 2013. Rhythms of Afro-Caribbean theme music, relatable characters, and shocking cliffhangers entertained and educated audiences as the series continued until 2020. Zoukoutap 3 had more than 550,000 loyal listeners tuning their radio dial to listen every week.

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