Population Media Center (PMC) has undertaken significant work in Nigeria, focusing on social and behavior change communication. They have developed serialized radio dramas aimed at addressing critical social issues, including reproductive health, family planning, and gender equality. These programs are designed to engage and educate audiences across Nigeria, particularly in rural and hard-to-reach communities. By leveraging the power of storytelling, PMC has contributed to positive shifts in attitudes and behaviors, promoting healthier and more equitable societies in Nigeria.


Ephraim Okon
Country Director, PMC-Nigeria

Welcome to PMC-Nigeria


Since 2006, Population Media Center (PMC) has been active in Nigeria, a country experiencing rapid population growth, projected to double within 29 years if left unchecked. 

PMC’s radio programs, notably Jolokoto (“Mirror of Life”) and Ruwan Dare (“Midnight Rain”), have garnered immense popularity, fostering discussions on crucial health and human rights issues among a dedicated weekly audience. Listeners of Jolokoto have been guided towards resources for contraceptives, engaging in more dialogues on safe sex, and accessing counseling and health clinic services at unprecedented rates, marking significant strides in reproductive healthcare with lasting implications for Nigeria’s demographic trajectory. Notably, in April 2020, Jolokoto was recognized as a finalist in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas awards for its impactful contribution to media and entertainment. Over 15 years, PMC’s initiatives have produced transformative radio dramas such as Jangala (“Song of Life”), A Dade Ana Yi (“Truth Always Prevails”), Tafigawalo (“Working Towards Change”), and Hannunka Mai Sanda (“Power In Your Hands”), driving community-driven change towards a more sustainable and equitable society in Nigeria.

“We’re breaking barriers – traditional, religious and social.”

Ephraim Okon PMC-Nigeria Country Director
Head of PMC-Nigeria Won Ambassador of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Award
– 2020
Fast Company World Changing Ideas Winner
– 2020

Our Projects

Ruwan Dare

PMC’s survey indicated that this program reached more than 12 million people.


Jangala engaged 1,250 daily listeners with interactive quizzes and reached a total audience of 1,133,227.


Tafigawalo originally broadcasted in three Nigeria states but expanded to seven more due to wide listenership.

Hannunka Mai Sanda

Qualitative results from Hannunka Mai Sanda showed behavioral change regarding girls’ education and early marriage.

A Dade Ana Yi

PMC produced A Dade Ana Yi (“Truth Always Prevails”) in Nigeria. This 104-episode Hausa language radio show aired October 2016 through October 2017 in northern Nigeria. A Dade Ana Yiaired twice weekly on 25radio stations across 17 states in northern Nigeria. The Hausa language was chosen based on formative research that indicated Hausa is generally accepted and spoken in the Northern part of the countryand easily understood by Nigerians of all education levels. It was aired concurrently with Jangala, a Pidgin Englishdrama broadcast across the southern half of the country. As with all PMC radio shows, A Dade Ana Yiwas createdusing PMC’s radio show methodology.

Gugar Goge

Empowered fistular patients to seek immediate care. Clinics reported 45% of new patients were listeners.

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