Population Media Center (PMC) in Peru utilizes engaging media campaigns to advocate for reproductive health and the rights of women and girls, challenging societal norms and fostering dialogue to empower informed decision-making. Through culturally sensitive storytelling and targeted messaging, PMC promotes gender equality and ensures access to comprehensive reproductive health services, driving positive change in communities across Peru.

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Welcome to Peru, where PMC is implementing innovative projects to address societal challenges including violence against women, bullying, and gender equality. As we launch this new country initiative, our current project involves the implementation of BREAKAWAY, an innovative video game and mobile phone application designed to empower youth and communities to reject violence and discrimination. We are excited to bring BREAKAWAY to Peru! Stay tuned as we work hard to make a real difference in Peru, creating a future where everyone helps promote equality, respect, and positive changes in society.

“Gender is a theme across all of these projects. Very often, this theme relates to sexual and reproductive health or gender equality or women’s empowerment.”

Helen Wang, associate professor at the Department of Communication, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

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