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Moussa’s Mission: Our Country Director Leading the Way in Niger 

Nov 22, 2023

In the vast landscape of Niger, Moussa Abdou Saley stands as a seasoned professional, a masterful storyteller, and a relentless advocate for change. His path to becoming the Country Director for Population Media Center (PMC) in Niger is a journey rich with dedication, passion, and a deep-seated commitment to driving positive transformations. 

A Remarkable Odyssey: Moussa embarked on his career as an audiovisual producer, but his love for communication led him to scale the ranks at the Office of Radio and Television in Niger. From crafting compelling stories to orchestrating nationwide broadcasts, he evolved into the Head of the Program Department and eventually assumed the prestigious role of Director of National Television. With each step, he honed his communication and management skills, preparing himself for a future dedicated to advocating for change. 

Championing Reproductive Health: Moussa’s journey took an extraordinary turn when he joined the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Niger. Here, he became the voice of change, leading strategic communication campaigns that tackled pivotal issues like population dynamics, sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, and the fight against gender-based violence. He wove powerful narratives that resonated with people, igniting conversations that mattered. His expertise contributed to UNFPA’s mission in Niger. 

The Architect of Behavioral Change: Beyond his role at UNFPA, Moussa assumed a pivotal position as an expert in communication and social and behavioral change within the Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend (SWEDD) project. Here, he embarked on a mission to transform attitudes and behaviors, crafting messages that inspired action. His ability to influence positive shifts in societal norms became his hallmark. 

Global Advocacy, Local Impact: Moussa’s journey toward becoming a change agent did not stop there. He ventured into international waters as a coordinator of advocacy and campaigns at Oxfam, and later as the Head of Media and Communication at the esteemed Search For Common Ground. His leadership spanned borders, with Niger and Burkina Faso as his canvas. He navigated the turbulent waters of conflict management and confronted violent extremism with a steady hand. 

Population Media Center produit et diffuse, de manière attrayante, des émissions de télévision ou de radio pour motiver les gens à changer, à être plus efficaces et à persévérer dans leurs actions même si des difficultés surgissent dans leur nouveau comportement. C’est ce type de travail qui motive le plus Moussa chez PMC.

In January 2023, Moussa embraced a new role as a Specialist in Communication, Social, and Behavioral Change (CCSC) within the LAFIA IYALI project. Here, he assumed a strategic mantle, spearheading programs that advocated for positive behavior changes in the realms of health and nutrition. Collaborating with stakeholders ranging from local communities to policymakers, Moussa tailored communication strategies to address the unique needs of women and girls. His unwavering dedication to improving access to health and nutrition services became more pronounced than ever. 

Moussa embodies the essence of a storyteller, a visionary, and an advocate. His journey, marked by resilience and compassion, continues to shape a brighter future for Niger. As the Country Director of Niger for PMC, he is not just leading an organization – he is leading change, one narrative at a time.