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PMC-Kenya statement on Female genital mutilation

Mar 06, 2023

Population Media Center has been working to end female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya since 2020 through entertainment-education and transformative storytelling. When a video was posted online in January of 2023 of a girl being brutally attacked, people across Kenya, and the world, were outraged.

“Much of Kenya is rightfully outraged. We are too. A video has gone viral — and it’s horrific. The video shows a young girl being beaten with sticks by her brother and others. This girl had run away to escape FGM (female genital mutilation). After the beating, they dragged her to the forest where they performed FGM. The bleeding was so extreme she was taken to the hospital. 


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Our heart aches for this girl, and our resolve to end FGM is only made stronger. Every Kenyan must understand that girls are taken deep into the forest for FGM procedures so their screams cannot be heard. If they do not survive, their bodies are buried where they died. Our forests were not meant to hold the screams and bodies of our innocent girls. 

FGM cannot be allowed to continue — and it’s up to all of us in the Kenyan community to stop it. Our work on FGM at PMC-Kenya has convinced us that this is a change we can win, even if it is hard-won. And we know that the wisdom and healing that will flow forth when our girls, and our entire country, is free from this violence will be breathtaking.”

The above statement was issued in February 2023 by Tom Kazungu, Country Director, PMC-Kenya.

Population Media Center began working in Kenya in 2020 to support the work of UNFPA-UNICEF’s Joint Programme on the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation. As part of the project, PMC-Kenya launched two radio shows in Kenya, using its tried and true transformative storytelling approach.


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