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Request for Proposal: TOMA MI MANO 

Calling Researchers for a Powerful Social Impact Entertainment Project 

Population Media Center (PMC) is a pioneering entertainment organization dedicated to fostering social norm change, individual transformation, and demand generation on deeply ingrained personal issues. From 2018-2019, PMC broadcast a transformative, Spanish-language radionovela project, Toma Mi Mano, across Guatemala with transmedia elements specifically designed to enhance the health and well-being of the population.

The Toma Mi Mano (“Take My Hand”) radionovela is a testament to PMC’s commitment to addressing critical societal issues. Primary themes addressed in the radionovela TMM include:

  1. Prevention of unplanned pregnancy in adolescents aged 14 to 19
  2. Family planning, especially in people aged 20 to 24
  3. Gender-based violence, especially sexual abuse
  4. Prevention of community violence

PMC is rebroadcasting Toma Mi Mano, in the greater Guatemala City metro area (5 years after the original broadcast). The broadcast began in May 2024 and will continue for 13 months with a target audience of Spanish-speaking adults aged 18-49. The original 156 episodes of the radionovela are being broadcast in the greater Guatemala City metro area three times per week, strategically augmented by additional media pieces. The focus of the present research is to examine the effects of the radionovela on Spanish-speaking people living in Guatemala City.

We invite research firms with experience working in the greater Guatemala City metro area and/or with this population to partner with PMC to evaluate the impact of Toma Mi Mano. The selected research firm will play a crucial role in shedding light on the influence of Toma Mi Mano in a new context, contributing valuable insights for future initiatives aimed at social and reproductive health improvement. View the Terms of Reference here. Interested and eligible research firms should submit proposals to and copy to and

Interested in Exploring a Partnership?