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The Power of Stories: PMC’s Five Minute Video

Dec 05, 2016

Population Media Center’s entertaining stories create change on deeply entrenched beliefs and behaviors, particularly gender equity and the rights of women and girls. How is it possible to simultaneously entertain and create real change? The video will introduce you to the power and process behind PMC stories.

PMC’s TV or radio dramas address multiple, interconnected issues. Audiences are simultaneously entertained and inspired by carefully designed storylines and role models. PMC’s drama strategy works across cultures, languages, religions, and media markets. The successful motivation of large audiences (often national) on multiple issues make the approach incredibly cost-effective.

In Burundi, impact analysis showed 81 percent listenership of PMC’s serial drama, Agashi (“Hey! Look Again!”). In Nigeria, one PMC drama attracted 12.3 million loyal listeners and helped empower 1.1 million new users of family planning.

Find out how PMC dramas empower audiences and why audience members, partners, and PMC trainers believe in the power of PMC stories.

Power of Population Media Center’s Stories