FGM Capacity Building Project


PMC has addressed harmful traditional practices, specifically Female Genital Mutilation, through an ongoing Whole Society Strategy in Ethiopia. Combining different phases of funding, this project began in 2007 and continues through 2015. It has included radio talkshows, radio magazines, and capacity building trainings.

Female genital mutilation, also known as FGM or female circumcision, is a major challenge in Ethiopia. The major components of this project include the production of radio programs in three languages (Amharic, Afar, and Somali) and seven female genital mutilation awareness programs:

Gudayachen (“Our Concern”) – a radio talkshow running December 27, 2011 through December 2014
Naedetai (“Let’s Stop, This Is Enough”) – a radio magazine running from November 2007 through December 2009 and from October 2011 through June 2014
Igaddaa (“We Do Not Want It Anymore”) – a radio magazine running from December 2007 through November 2009 and from October 2011 through June 2014
• Seven Capacity Building Training Workshops – phase one is 2007-2011; phase two is 2011-2015
• Four books: Yemaleda Shekim (“Burden at a Tender Age”) in 2007; Yaltenabebu Libotch (“Incongruous Hearts”) in 2009; Wurse (“Inheritance”) in 2009; Mulu Sew (“The Complete Personality”) in 2010.

In addition to these components, PMC has produced TV and radio spots and leaflets in three languages (Amharic, Afar, and Somali).

Making a Difference

In Ethiopia, 74 percent of women age 15-49 have been circumcised. The harmful practice of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting comprises all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia and frequently causes health complications that last throughout a woman’s life and can even lead to death. During this project:

PMC trained over 200 religious leaders on harmful traditional practice and female genital mutilation;

The Afar region has adopted region-specific laws that punish people involved with female genital mutilation. This is a great opportunity provided that it is effectively reinforced.

Male involvement in combating female genital mutilation in the region is also needed because men’s preference for circumcised girls contributed to the continuation of the practice for generations. The male youth have come up with the slogan “We do not marry circumcised girls.”

PMC trained a number of circumcisers in the Somali and Afar regions about the dangers of female circumcision, some of whom came to stand beside PMC in the fight against female genital mutilation (these individuals are termed X-circumcisers)

Main Issues this Drama Addresses:

Rights of Women & Girls

All issues addressed by this drama:

Project Information

Title: 2007-2015 Female Genital Mutilation Project
Format: Whole Society Strategy – Two Radio Magazines, a Radio Talkshow, Capacity Building Workshops
Location: Ethiopia
Languages: Amharic, Somaligna, and Afargna
Duration: Phase 1: 2007-2011 Phase 2: July 2011 – 2015

PMC Country Staff:
Country Representative: Dr. Negussie Teffera


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