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Celebrating World Radio Day: Honoring Albert Bandura’s Legacy and Radio’s Enduring Impact 

Feb 12, 2024

February 13th marks World Radio Day, a celebration of one of the most enduring and impactful forms of media in human history. In 2024, as we reflect on the theme that “shines a broad floodlight on Radio’s remarkable past, relevant present, and promise of a dynamic future,” we can’t help but remember the profound contributions of Dr. Albert Bandura, a titan in the field of psychology and a dear friend of Population Media Center (PMC). 

Dr. Bandura, who passed away on July 26, 2021, was not only one of the most influential psychologists of the twentieth century, but he was also a staunch advocate for global sustainability. His groundbreaking research on Social Learning, Social Cognitive, and Self-Efficacy Theories laid the foundation for understanding how human behavior is learned from role models. His wisdom extended to recognizing the obstacles to global sustainability, including the impacts of soaring population growth and ecological destruction. 

At PMC, Dr. Bandura’s theories are not just academic principles – they are guiding lights in our mission to address social and normative barriers to bring about positive behavior change. Our approach to entertainment-education, leveraging radio as a medium, is deeply rooted in Dr. Bandura’s insights. By weaving compelling narratives into our radio programs, we empower audiences to identify with characters who role-model positive behaviors, fostering self-efficacy and inspiring real-world action. 

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PMC’s radio programs have been instrumental in sparking conversations and driving social change on a global scale. From addressing taboo topics like family planning and reproductive health to promoting gender equality and environmental conservation, our radio shows resonate with audiences, provoking thought and prompting action. Through engaging storytelling and relatable characters, we harness the emotive power of radio to challenge harmful social norms and promote positive behavior change. 

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As we commemorate World Radio Day, we pay tribute to Dr. Bandura’s legacy by continuing to use storytelling and role models as tools for empowerment, education, and advocacy. Our collaboration with local radio stations and community partners ensures that our messages reach even the most remote and marginalized populations, amplifying the impact of our programs and fostering inclusive dialogue. 

The theme of World Radio Day 2024 resonates deeply with PMC’s commitment to leveraging radio as a force for positive change. In an era of rapidly evolving technology, radio still stands as a beacon of reliability and accessibility for many people, reaching communities far and wide with its diverse programming. From its humble beginnings in the 1800s to its present-day prominence, radio has proven its resilience and adaptability, making it a vital medium for communication and storytelling. 

On June 15th, 2023 Population Media Center celebrated 25 years of telling transformative stories around the world. Throughout our 25 years of work, radio has played a crucial role. To discover more about our incredible journey and the impact we’ve made, visit

As the media landscape evolves, urging us toward increasingly innovative platforms, we do so with everything we have learned. Radio has taught us so much. And it – and other audio forms – remain powerful. At PMC, we will continue to utilize the influential power of radio. Together, we can inspire positive change, encourage meaningful dialogue, and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world. Guided by the wisdom of Dr. Bandura, let us unite our efforts to uphold role models as a steadfast beacon of hope and empowerment, enriching the lives of future generations. 

Dr. Bandura’s advocacy for the use of entertainment media as a tool for social change continues to resonate, driving our efforts to produce engaging and impactful content across channels that addresses pressing global issues. 

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“At PMC, we are grateful for the many substantial and transformational contributions Dr. Bandura made to human civilization. They will continue to live on in our programs, uplifting individuals, communities, and the environments we all share.”
– Bill Ryerson, President & Founder of PMC

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