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2022: A Year raising global sustainability from every angle

Dec 15, 2022

16 countries. 3 continents. In 2022, we saw transformational programs broadcast across the world. We completed two shows in Zambia, where 1.4 million listeners tuned in on a regular basis. We released new podcasts focusing on the rights of women and girls, abortion, and bodily autonomy in the US, as Roe v. Wade fell and reproductive rights were trampled. We took to the streets in Nepal, changing hearts and minds about child marriage. We responded to the global population reaching 8 billion people, loudly. And we launched new partnerships in Latin America, which will propel our programs forward.

Thank you to our worldwide team of donors, artists, scientists, and advocates who turn popular entertainment into a force for universal good.

Meet Agness & Bupe From Zambia

Inspiring audiences in zambia

In partnership with USAID, PMC-Zambia broadcast two radio shows: Kwishilya (“Over the Horizon”) and Siñalamba (“Breaking the Barrier”). The results speak loudly – 1.5 million active listeners across 17 community radio stations. The two shows ran for four years, totaling an amazing 624 episodes, addressing issues on adolescent reproductive health, education, child marriage, family planning, gender-based violence. You can meet Agness and Bupe, who began using family planning because of the show, and below you’ll find photos from the close-out event, which brought together our many partners – including USAID, Ministry of Health, and others – and was featured on prime time news because of the shows’ impact.

PMC’s us studio launches two new podcasts

We know it’s possible to gain critical acclaim, loyal audiences, and achieve social outcomes — because it’s what we do. We develop and produce original content designed to both entertain and address contemporary social issues. This year, we launched two podcasts addressing essential issues in the United States.

Crossing the Line

This dynamic and timely 10-episode podcast series chronicles the fight for abortion access. The series accompanies women, non-binary people, doctors, doulas, and advocates who traverse state lines, the law, and numerous barriers to providing or accessing safe abortion. Winner of Marcom’s 2022 Platinum award for Best Podcast Series and featured on Apple Podcast’s New and Noteworthy.

Crossing The Line Logo


Lisa Caruso, Head of U.S. Content

The State Of: Women

Stand-up comedian Gina Brillon and journalist Kimberly Brooks host The State Of: Women, a weekly podcast series that explores how some of the 50 states champion women’s rights while others don’t. The series includes lively and solution-oriented conversation as the hosts share personal stories and examine the differences in gender equity state-by-state, illuminating inequalities in policy and practice and how to take action to drive change.

The State of: Women graphic with statue of liberty laying across globe of the United States


Community Theater & Radio Show Impacting Girls’ Futures

Child marriage, as a social norm, has existed since the beginning of time. Because of this, the perception, attitudes, and behaviors around child marriage are woven into the culture of many communities around the world. To un-do a practice like child marriage that is so personal and steeped in traditions, creative interventions like social behavior change communication strategies are required. Read More
“By adding Hilkor into the curriculum at the Janaki Women Awareness Society, we were able to get our content in front of those most affected by child marriage. The girls here were not only at the highest risk for child marriage, but they were also the most likely to create a wave of community inspiring change.”
– Rajan Parajuli – PMC-Nepal Country Director

PMC responds: the world surpassed 8 billion people

The world’s population reached 8 billion people in 2022. PMC used this opportunity to draw global attention to the social and environmental power of prioritizing health, education, and equity for all.

Population 8 Billion Podcast

Population 8 Billion is a limited series podcast to help you better understand what a world of 8 billion people means for the planet, the environment, and the future of our diverse societies. The series interviews scientists and activists as it delves into why global population growth deserves your attention and what inputs drive population growth and declines.

The Hill Publishes 8 Billion OpEd by Bill Ryerson and Kathleen Mogelgaard

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partnership in mexico To Create change with popular novelas

Partnerships Renewed in Mexico

Population Media Center (PMC) and Argos Media Group created an Educational-Entertainment Center that aims to produce entertaining and commercially successful TV shows that incorporate social issues to encourage individual change and, eventually, collective change. Learn More
“We hope to create this Educational-Entertainment Center that serves the community of audiovisual creators, while at the same time generating an ecosystem, a space for creation, that allows the opportunity for activists, creators, NGOs, specialists, writers, and producers to meet; and generate these stories…because the audiovisual industry has a role to play in changing society,”
– Norma Aburto – ARGOS Media Marketing Director

PMC & Argos Media Writers Workshop

Thank you for browsing some of the highlights from 2022. We also, of course, continued our transformative storytelling in places like Ethiopia, Burundi, Nigeria, and Kenya; shared our insights with other global leaders at events like The International Conference on Family Planning and The Social & Behavioral Change Communication Summit; and launched new programs around the world, like our work just beginning in Liberia.

At PMC, we look to the coming years with excitement, even in the face of great global challenges, because we know we are advancing the equitable, sustainable world we’re all fighting for, one action at a time.