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We are trained in the art and science of storytelling for social impact. We know it’s possible to gain critical acclaim, loyal audiences, and achieve social outcomes — because it’s what we do. Our shows in the U.S. have both entertained and addressed contemporary social issues, including women & girls’ empowerment, reproductive health, and environmental sustainability.

Crossing The Line

This dynamic and timely 10-episode podcast series chronicles the fight for abortion access. The series accompanies women, non-binary people, doctors, doulas, and advocates who traverse state lines, the law, and numerous barriers to providing or accessing safe abortion. Winner of Marcom’s 2022 Platinum award for Best Podcast Series and featured on Apple Podcast’s New and Noteworthy.

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The State Of: Women

Stand-up comedian Gina Brillon and journalist Kimberly Brooks host The State Of: Women, a weekly podcast series that explores how some of the 50 states champion women’s rights while others don’t. The series includes lively and solution-oriented conversation as the hosts share personal stories and examine the differences in gender equity state-by-state, illuminating inequalities in policy and practice and how to take action to drive change.

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East Los High

East Los High is a six-time Emmy Award™ nominated series. It was produced in association with Wise Entertainment as a Hulu original series. Rising to be one of the top five Hulu shows in the first month of broadcast, it has also been featured in publications such as the American Journal of Public Health for its positive impact on issues like adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

Impact from PMC’s East Los High

Project Dawn

When a passionate, overextended Philly public defender sets out to protect street-based sex workers in the neighborhood where she grew up, she partners up with a tough-minded female prosecutor to battle against a broken judicial system and create a groundbreaking new court that redefines sex work and justice. Inspired by true events and written by Guggenheim-award winning playwright Karen Hartman, based upon her play of the same name. PMC is currently seeking industry partners for Project Dawn.

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8 Billion Opportunities

The world’s population reached 8 billion people in 2022. PMC used this opportunity to draw global attention to the social and environmental power of prioritizing health, education, and equity for all.

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