PMC broadcasted a serial radio drama in Niger reaching many people and effecting tremendous discussion and behavior change. Gobe da Haske (“Tomorrow Will be a Brighter Day”) was extremely popular throughout the country with a national survey after the initial broadcast reporting that 80% of respondents identified themselves as devoted listeners. That same national survey revealed that 67% of listeners had heard about exploitative child labor, compared to 28% of non-listeners and 55% of listeners had heard of child trafficking, compared to 28% of non-listeners.

Country Director

Moussa Abdou Saley
Country Director, PMC-Niger

Population media center began working in Niger in February of 2006

Niger is a little less than half the size of Argentina with a population of almost 17 million. The annual population growth rate for Niger is 3.32%, tripling the population by 2050.

Niger has the highest fertility rate in the world, with the average woman having seven children in her lifetime. More than half of Niger’s children are out of school and, among these, the vast majority are girls.

Niger has the lowest female literacy rate in the world – 11% – and, even today, only one out of three Nigerien girls is in school. Socio-cultural and religious beliefs and practices, including early marriage, and practical issues, such as security and long distances between home and school, keep girls out of school.

Our Projects

At the heart of our mission lies “Gobe da Haske” (“Tomorrow Will Be a Brighter Day”), a captivating 144-episode radio show that aired in Hausa, the most widely understood language in Niger, from February 2006 to January 2007. This remarkable program, distributed to 72 radio stations across the country sparking conversations but also fostered community engagement, addressing critical issues in collaboration with USAID and UNFPA.

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A brighter, more inclusive future in Niger

We are proud to share our recent endeavors, including a writing workshop supported by UNICEF, aimed at empowering Niger’s youth and fostering lasting change. Learn More
“This workshop was not just a meeting, but the starting point of a wave of transformation led by a committed team.”
– Abdou Saley Moussa, PMC-Niger Country Director