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PMC began working in Jamaica in March 2007. Jamaica is a country of approximately 2.8 million people with a current annual population growth rate of 0.33 percent.

PMC broadcast a radio serial drama in Jamaica, Outta Road (“What’s Happening Out in the Streets”), to address many health and human rights issues, particularly addressing adolescents about reproductive health, drugs, and gang violence. The program was successful in spite of challenges due to funding cuts after the launch of the program resulting in disappointing changes to the broadcast schedule. The program spurred conversation, with 32 percent of listeners reporting that they discussed Outta Road with friends and 56 percent of listeners being motivated by Outta Road to seek services for issues such as reproductive health, substance abuse, parenting, parent-child relationships, sexuality, and conflict resolution.

56% of listeners to Population Media Center's Outta Road in Jamaica sought services for issues like substance abuse, sexuality, and reproductive health.

Population Size

2,793,335 (July 2015)

Growth Rate

Projected Population Growth



PMC's baseline research revealed 80% of Jamaican youth participating had witnessed a murder by their 11th birthday.

(PMC Baseline Research)

  • Growth Rate Compared to World: 146th (CIA, 2014)
  • Total Fertility Rate: 2.05 children/woman (CIA, 2014)
  • Births By Age 18: 15.5% (CIA Adolescents Indicators, 2008-2012)
  • Contraceptive Prevalence Rate: 69% (CIA, 2002-03)
  • HIV/AIDS Adult Prevalence Rate: 1.7% (CIA, 2012)
  • HIV/AIDS Compared to World: 73rd (CIA, 2012)
  • Population Below Poverty Line: .0.2% (UNICEF Economic Indicators, 2007-2011)

Our Projects

PMC broadcast a radio serial drama in Jamaica to address health and human right issues, such as gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and reproductive health.

About Jamaica

Jamaica faces a number of health and human rights challenges, such as an increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS, escalating violence in inner city communities, and one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the Caribbean with 75 percent pregnancies among 15-19 year olds being unplanned. Jamaica’s infection rate for HIV/AIDS is highest among youth ages 15-24.

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