PMC in South Africa

PMC began working in South Africa in February of 2010. Currently the population is growing at a rate of 0.99% annually with an increasing population of over 54 million.

PMC’s advisory role in the creation of Isithunzi Siyalandela has helped the program remain popular among South Africans. Isithunzi Siyalandela has gained a devoted following and, according to television research, did very well both in overall audience share and also against key target markets. For example, 17.3 percent of the total South African female 15 years old and older audience watched the show at some point during its run, as did nearly 20 percent of housewives. PMC also conducted an inter-regional PMC Workshop in South Africa.

Population Media Center provided guidance for a South African drama that was able to reach nearly 20% of housewives, one of its target audiences.

Population Size

54,841,552 (2017)

Growth Rate

Projected Population Growth



17.9% of the adult population has HIV or AIDS.

(CIA Factbook, 2009)

  • Growth Rate Compared to World: 114 (CIA, 2017)
  • Total Fertility Rate: 2.29 children/woman (CIA, 2017)
  • Births by Age 18: 15 (UNICEF Adolescents Indicators, 2008-2012)
  • Contraceptive Prevalence Rate: 59.9% (CIA, 2003-04)
  • HIV/AIDS Adult Prevalence Rate: 18.9% (CIA, 2016)
  • HIV/AIDS Compared to World: 4 (CIA, 2012)
  • Population Below International Poverty Line: 13.8% (UNICEF Economic Indicators, 2007-2011

Our Projects

PMC supported South Africa in creating a serial drama to address health and social issues, such as HIV/AIDS, and provided an inter-regional PMC Workshop.

About South Africa

South Africa is a country roughly twice the size of Ukraine with a population around 48.6 million people located on the southern tip of Africa. South Africa has the largest population of people with HIV/AIDS in the world, with 7.1 million people as of 2017. This accounts for up to an astonishing 17.8 percent of the total adult population. The rate of sexual violence against women is among the highest in the world. An estimated 500,000 women are victims of sexual violence every year in South Africa. South Africa also ranks fifth in the world in terms of unemployment, with 49.8 percent of the labor force currently unemployed. 31 percent of the population lives below the international poverty line.

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