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PMC began working in Vietnam in 2008. Vietnam has a population of about 96 million and is the 15th most populous nation in the world.

PMC provided PMC Trainings for two radio serial dramas in Vietnam, Khat Vong Song (“Aspiration to Live”) and Hanh Trinh Xanh (“Green Journey”), to help the national radio broadcaster successfully use serial dramas to effect behavior change regarding important health and social issues. The programs proved successful. In fact, Khat Vong Song‘s popularity resulted in so many letters requesting the program to be broadcast more frequently that the national radio broadcaster decided to extend the program to its other two radio stations.

Khat Vong Song's popularity in Vietnam, which used PMC's methodology to create behavior change, resulted in extending the broadcast to two more radio stations.

Population Size

96,160,163 (July 2017)

Growth Rate

Projected Population Growth



If the sea level rises one meter, Vietnam's precious Mekong Delta will be 40% inundated and lost.

(Vietnam National Strategy on Climate Change)

  • Growth Rate Compared to World: 120th (CIA, 2017)
  • Total Fertility Rate: 1.81 children/woman (CIA, 2017)
  • Birth By Age 18: 3% (UNICEF Adolescents Indicators, 2008-2012)
  • Contraceptive Prevalence Rate: 75.7% (CIA, 2015)
  • HIV/AIDS Adult Prevalence Rate: 0.4% (CIA, 2016)
  • HIV/AIDS Compared to World: 22nd (CIA, 2016)
  • Population Below International Poverty Line: 16.9% (UNICEF Economic Indicators, 2007-2011)

Our Projects

PMC provided PMC Trainings for two radio serial dramas in Vietnam to effect behavior change regarding important health and social issues, as well as an inter-regional PMC Workshop.

About Vietnam

Vietnam is a country a little more than half the size of France with a population of about 96 million.  The annual population growth rate is 0.93 percent, which means that at its current growth rate the population will surpass 100 million in the next five years. It’s one of the five countries most likely to be affected by climate change due to many of its geographical features. The Mekong Delta is one of the world’s three most vulnerable deltas, and it is at extreme risk as the sea level rises. If the sea level rises by one meter, about 40 percent of the Mekong Delta will be inundated as well as three percent of the coastal provinces. The projected increase in temperature will also impact seasonal rainfall, changing it in different sections of the country.

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