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Population Media Center has worked in Mexico since 2001. In 2020, we launched our newest show as a co-production with Televisa. Vencer el Miedo (“Overcome the Fear”) reached over 3 million viewers each day and was rated #1 in its timeslot and #1 for open TV nationwide.

Mexico continues to have a high rate of teen pregnancy, partly because young women still face barriers ranging from a lack of education and employment opportunities based on gender to social pressure that stigmatizes and discourages contraception. Gender stereotypes prevail, making stories like Vencer el Miedo all the more important.

Vencer el Miedo benefited from the talented Rosy Ocampo as its showrunner. She explains how the show was “the story of four women from different generations facing a series of contemporary obstacles while searching for fulfillment of their dignity, sexuality, and family lives.”

Co-produced by PMC and Televisa

Reached over 3 million viewers each day

Rated #1 in its timeslot

Rated #1 for open TV nationwide

"The story has a lot of drama and leaves us hooked, wanting more."

Female Audience Member

"It is very real to situations that happen in some families today."

Male Audience Member

Successful entertainment in Mexico. Proven social results.


Population Media Center co-produced the award-winning Último Año (“Last Year”) with MTV Latin America, reaching an estimated audience of 22 million households. This show proves it’s possible to gain widespread acclaim, ratings – and social outcomes:

  • Within the first month, Último Año’s website recorded 324,000 visits and 1.4 million page views
  • Último Año ranked #4 on MTV Latin America’s website
  • Último Año received 46,000 likes on Facebook and gained 12,000 followers on Twitter during its run
  • Último Año won a number of MTV awards, including TV production, musical theme, best finish, favorite antagonistic character, and best performance
  • Último Año turned a profit for MTV Latin America in nine months
  • Viewers of Último Año in Mexico were significantly more likely than non-viewers to say they used something to prevent pregnancy in the last month (78% vs. 64%)
  • Viewers in Mexico declared more willingness than prior interviewees to help disabled people who are discriminated against (95% vs. 86%)

Main actors from Vencer el Miedo in front of mural of bird

Vencer el Miedo

Vencer el Miedo is a telenovela co-produced by Population Media Center and Televisa. VEM reached over 3 million viewers across each day with hit entertainment that addresses common challenges faced by young women in Mexico, including teen pregnancy, gender-based violence, and STI prevention.

Último año cast members

Último Año

Último Año is an award winning series co-produced with MTV Latin America originally reaching an estimated 22 million households. Broadcast expanded the following year to Cadena 3 in Mexico and MTV Tr3s in the United States. After broadcast, evaluation in Mexico found that 16-24-year-old viewers were significantly more likely to say they used protection to prevent pregnancy.

Valvulas de Escape participants at radio mics

CORA (Centro de Orientación para Adolescentes)

CORA is a nongovernmental organization in Mexico founded in 1978 with the mission of helping to improve people’s quality of life through promotion of health services regarding sexual and reproductive health. PMC collaborated with CORA on various projects from 2001 through 2011 to address reproductive health across a variety of media.

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