PMC produced Jangala (“Song of Life”) in Nigeria. This 104-episode Pidgin English radio show aired October 2016 through October 2017 in southern Nigeria.

Jangala aired twice weekly on 26 radio stations across 16 states in southern Nigeria. It was being aired concurrently with A Dade Ana Yi, a Hausa language drama broadcast across the northern half of the country.

As with all PMC radio shows, Jangala was created using PMC’s radio show methodology.

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Making a Difference

Jangala captured the attention of thousands. Up to 1,250 participated in daily quizzes following the program’s kickoff in October 2016. Jangala ultimately reached 1,133,227 listeners across the country, and cost only $0.74 USD per loyal listener.

Project Information

Title: Jangala (“Song of Life”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Southern Nigeria
Language: Pidgin English
Duration: October 2016 – October 2017

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Administrative Team:

Country Representative: Ephraim Okon
Program Officer: Joan Jeremiah
Program Officer II: Leo Pius Leo-Enin
Finance Officer: Lambert Essien
Administrative Assistant: Eugenia Wada
Driver: Boniface Jerome
Security Guard: Sunday Gregory
Office Assistant: Boniface Benjamin

Creative Team:
Producer: Newton Barabara
Assistant Producer: Christian Okoro
Studio Technician: Emmanuel George
Head Writer: Newton Barabara
Writers: George Gabriel, Edidiong Idemokon, Marcus Chuks

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Joseph's Story

Joseph is 27 years old and lives with his wife, Ngozi, and their two young children. Joseph works hard to make ends meet with financial support from his mother, Ezinne, but dreams of traveling abroad to pursue greater financial opportunities. When his wife and daughter become critically ill, he must spend the money he had saved for a passport and visa on medical care to save their lives. With advice from his neighbor, Joseph and Ngozi agree to begin family planning. This displeases Joseph’s mother, who is eager for more grandchildren, and she cuts him off financially as a result. But Ezinne experiences a change of heart when her younger sister dies from complications in her ninth pregnancy. Joseph and his mother reconcile, and he finds successful employment with his neighbor’s new business.

Mike's Story

Mike, age 35, lives with his wife, Grace, and three children. The village they live in, Sabraka, has a centuries-old cultural mistrust and low regard for women. Violence, rape, and genital mutilation are all common practices. Mike demands that Grace turn over 100 percent of her salary to him to control, which Grace does under protest. But the money is wasted on drinking and concubines, and the health and education of his children suffer as a result. The couple also fight over whether to circumcise their twin daughters. Their conflict comes to a violent head when Mike viciously beats Grace to the point of unconsciousness. Once discharged from the hospital, she leaves Mike and takes their children with them. Eventually, Mike recognizes his terrible mistakes, and the family is able to reconcile.

Cynthia's Story

Cynthia is the eldest of three, just finished with her secondary education and about to begin her studies at the Federal University. Her parents are both highly esteemed members of the community who have always provided the best for their children. Cynthia’s cousin, Sally, had a far less stable upbringing. She had little use for education, pursuing a career in modeling instead, and eventually falling into a life of trafficking, prostitution, and substance abuse. When the cousins reconnect at a fashion show at the university, Cynthia is enticed by Sally’s seemingly glamorous and exotic lifestyle. Cynthia drifts away from Rotimi, her caring boyfriend of six months. She falls prey to the influence of alcohol and traffickers, and eventually is the victim of a brutal gang rape. But Rotimi doesn’t leave Cynthia’s side, and with support from him and her family, she is able to disentangle herself from Sally’s circle. In time, Cynthia and Rotimi complete their studies and eventually marry.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Tonye's Story

Tonye has been out of work and needs to succeed financially if he is to marry his girlfriend Preye. Against his better judgment, he joins the Ama Crusaders, a militant group known for pipeline vandalism and illegal deforestation. At first, things begin to look up for Tonye, and he’s able to provide everything wants for Preye. But Tonye’s sudden, unexplained affluence—and the flock of girls who have taken a new interest in him—only cause Preye to worry. Tonye does his best to hide his involvement with the group from Preye, and eventually tries to quit the Ama Crusaders as their activities become more and more dangerous. The gang doesn’t let him go without a fight: Preye is kidnapped to pressure Tonye to stay, and the two are only freed after a violent shoot out with the police. They marry, and Tonye finds legitimate work with a successful fishing business.

Issues this storyline addresses:

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