Nau Em Taim

Papua New Guinea

PMC produced Nau Em Taim (“Now is the Time”) in Papua New Guinea. This 208-episode radio show aired February 2011 through May 2013 in Pidgin, one of three official languages in Papua New Guinea.

Nau Em Taim aired twice weekly in Papua New Guinea on FM 100, the country’s most popular and far-reaching FM radio station. Nau Em Taim was one of two PMC radio shows airing at this time as part of the Millennium Development Goals Radio Campaign, for which PMC was an implementing partner for the United Nations. Echoes of Change was the other radio show airing in English, another one of the three official languages in Papua New Guinea.

As with all PMC radio shows, Nau Em Taim was created using PMC’s radio show methodology.

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Making a Difference

Nau Em Taim aired simultaneously with Echoes of Change (a radio serial drama in English) in Papua New Guinea. The two dramas have received attention from international press outlets, including The Economist, Airlines PNG, ABC Australia, NBC Radio in PNG, BBC Radio News, Radio New Zealand International, The Post Courier, and The National.

Clinic monitoring for the dramas revealed that:

• Listeners were 1.4 times more likely to seek domestic violence-related services than non-listeners at endline.
• Listneres were 1.6 times more likely to seek services for violence against wives than non-listeners.
• Listeners were 1.9 times more likely to utilize family violence-related services than non-listeners.
• Listeners were 2.8 times more likely to seek family planning services than non-listeners at endline.
• The percentage of individuals involved in clear cutting declined from 58 percent to 45 percent from pre- to post-broadcast.
• Listeners were 4.3 times more likely than non-listeners to seek environmental conservation services related to logging.
• Listeners were significantly more active than non-listeners in marine species conservation (22% vs. 8%).
• At the community level, activity in marine conservation was twice as likely, rising from seven percent to 14 percent.


Listeners to Nau Em Taim were 1.6 times more likely to seek services for violence against wives than non-listeners.

(Clinic monitoring)


Listeners to Nau Em Taim were 1.9 times more likely to utilize family violence-related services than non-listeners.

(Clinic monitoring)


Listeners to Nau Em Taim were 2.8 times more likely to seek family planning services than non-listeners.

(Clinic monitoring)

Project Information

Title: Nau Em Taim (“Now is the Time”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Papua New Guinea
Language: Tok Pisin (Pidgin)
Duration: February 2011-May 2013

Administrative Team:
Country Representative: Betty Oala
Finance & Administration Officer: Amin Tony
Secretary: Corazon Dianne Allen
Promotions Coordinator:  Stella Posanai
Driver and Administrative Assistant – Rarua Vara
Administrative Assistant:  Marie Goro
Production Driver: Peter Vani
Cleaner: Rowena Morea

Creative Team:
Creative Co-Producer: Nadya Parascos
Technical Co-Producer: Ben Takap
Assistant Technical Editor: Moris Dennis Same
Assistant Producer – Steven Doe
Writers: Moses Miapa, Mercedes Dick, Tobby Jinga, Emmanuel Amala, Roslyn Kera, Elizabeth Kila, Winniefred Kote, Sara Mumugau, Eddie Solien, Clarinda Ogai, Lillian Bago, Norahlynn Charles, and Maximillian Wabi

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