Rope Guna Fal


Population Media Center launched Rope Guna Fal (“You Reap What You Sow” ) in Nepal in 2021. This 104-episode radio show will air through 2022 across Nepal.

Rope Guna Fal will be the third project collaboration between PMC and Antenna Foundation Nepal (AFN).  Acting together with UNICEF and The Kendeda Foundation, this year-long radio program will address parenting practices, child marriage, sexual reproductive health, child marriage, and other social issues.

Nepal has committed to eliminating child marriage by 2030 as part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. According to research by Girls Not Brides, 40% of Nepalese girls are married before they turn 18. By incorporating parent education and child marriage storylines into Rope Guna Fal, PMC and other contributing partners will move the needle on the attitudes and actions that contribute to the harmful practice.

As with all PMC radio shows, Rope Guna Fal was created using PMC’s radio show methodology.

“We are very hopeful that this partnership and the new broadcast will motivate listeners toward positive change in the issues addressed in the show.”

PMC-Nepal Country Direcor Rajan Parajuli.

It’s too soon to know the full impact Rope Guna Fal will have. The goal of the show is to address and create awareness around family planning, sexual and gender-based violence, and child marriage.

Project Information

Title: Rope Guna Fal (“You Will Get the Fruit From Which You Have Planted”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Nepal
Language: Haithili and Bhojpuri
Duration: July 2021 – July 2022

Admin Staff

Country Director: Rajan Parajuli
Production Mentor: JB Ruwali

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