PMC is producing Sotakai ("Footsteps") in Uganda. This 156-episode radio show aired October 2019 in English.

Sotakai is airing in numerous districts ranging from Northeastern to Central-western Uganda, and seeks to address numerous topics including family planning, sexual and gender-based violence, and maternal and child health and nutrition.

Sotakai is being developed as part of the RISE consortium with the lead implementation partner, MSI Choices, uniting Population Media Center and four other sector-leading organizations to increase modern family planning rates across six regions of Uganda.

As with all PMC radio shows, Sotakai is created using PMC’s radio show methodology.

Making a Difference

It’s too soon to know the full impact Sotakai will have. The goal of the show is to address and create awareness around family planning, sexual and gender-based violence, and maternal and child health and nutrition.

Project Information

Title: Sotakai (“Footsteps”)
Format: Radio Show
Location: Uganda
Language: English
Duration: Ongoing, began October 2019

Administrative Team:
Resident Representative: Patrick Lubowa
Deputy Resident Representative: Ronald Ahirirwe
Finance Officer: Suzan Amitta Matanda
Marketing Officer: Andrew Ayazika
Office Manager: Irene Nandutu
Office Assistants: Besigye Cypriano and Elizabeth Birungi

Creative Team:
Producer: Alice Lwanga
Head Writer: Denis Agaba
Writers: Chris Maiso, Denise Nabulumba, Joyce Owens

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