Último Año

Multiple Countries

PMC co-produced Último Año (“Last Year”) with MTV Latin America. The 70-episode TV serial drama aired from September until December of 2012 on MTV Latin America with an estimated audience reach of 22 million households. In February of 2013, Último Año aired in the United States on MTV’s Latino station and in Mexico on Cadena 3.

Último Año aired on MTV Latin America for one hour, five nights per week. Because of the broadcast throughout much of Latin America, the estimated audience reach for this TV serial drama was 22 million households. The rebroadcast began in the United States in February of 2013 on MTV’s Latino station, Tr3s, and in Mexico in that same month on Mexico’s Cadena 3, the most popular free-to-air channels in Mexico.

PMC trained the Último Año creative team, located in Mexico, in PMC’s methodology and provided ongoing creative and technical input on the series, including developing transmedia storytelling components. PMC also developed and managed the research surrounding the drama and its Sexy Sex campaign, which was part of the Whole Society Strategy. The program targeted 16- to 24-year-olds and Mexfam (the Planned Parenthood of Mexico) provided a chat service via text messaging and internet that promoted the program. In addition to Mexico, the countries that broadcast Último Año were Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

PMC created the Sexy Sex campaign website with informational resources for the US broadcast in English and Spanish, which was linked from MTV’s website. As with all PMC TV serial dramas, Último Año was created using using PMC’s serial drama methodology.

"Ultimo Año" Monday-Friday 6/5c on Tr3s

“Thanks for all the advice that you gave to us teenagers on everything we are living!”

Making a Difference

Within the first month, Último Año’s website recorded 324,000 visits and 1.4 million page views. Último Año ranked #4 on MTV Latin America’s website, received 46,000 likes on Facebook and gained 12,000 followers on Twitter. Último Año won a number of MTV awards, including TV production, musical theme, best finish, favorite antagonistic character, and best performance. Último Año turned a profit for MTV Latin America in nine months. Research on impact was only conducted in Mexico (because of funding).

Research on impact was only conducted in Mexico (because of funding). Although we don’t have specific data on the impact of broadcast in the other 17 countries, the final research report on the Mexican broadcast (which was produced by de la Riva Group in Mexico City) found that:


Viewers of Último Año in Mexico were significantly more likely than non-viewers to say they used something to prevent pregnancy in the last month (78% vs. 64%)

(PMC Monitoring Research)


Viewers in Mexico declared more willingness than prior interviewees to help disabled people who are discriminated against (95% vs. 86%).

(PMC Monitoring Research)

Project Information

Title: Último Año (“Last Year”)
Format: TV Serial Drama co-production with MTV Latin America
Location: Produced in Mexico, aired throughout Latin America and US
Language: Spanish
Duration: September 3, 2012 – December 18, 2012, Rebroadcast in US and Mexico starting in February 2013

PMC Country Team
Último Año does not follow our typical in-country team construction because we partnered with an in-country production studio, MTV Latin America.

Producers: Sofia Ioannou, Fernando Gaston, Carlos Resendi
Writers: Josefina Fernandez, Claudio Bono, Francisca Bernardi, and Hugo Morales


Benjamin’s story

Benjamin is the king of his elite high school and the life of the party. He is popular, attractive, and athletic, with a rebellious streak. He hosts an exchange student, Martin, and the two quickly become friends. When they both fall for Celeste, their friendship takes a turn for the worst. It turns out that conniving Martin has secrets of his own, and he sets out to steal Benjamin’s friends, his popularity, and his life. When nobody believes Martin’s true intentions, it is up to Benjamin to reveal the truth behind the seemingly perfect exchange student.

Luciano’s story

Luciano is a womanizer, known around school as a “conquistador.” Although he tries to remain faithful to his girlfriend, he ends up cheating, lying, and eventually getting caught. His girlfriend breaks up with him and he loses credibility with the females at school. Finally, Luciano begins to understand the error of his ways. He apologizes to his girlfriend and asks for another chance.

Dolores's story

Dolores has low self-esteem. She falls for abusive and manipulative Miguel, who convinces her to have unprotected sex. She contracts an STD and thinks she is pregnant. When she tells Miguel, he is verbally abusive and rejects her. Finally, Dolores’s friend convinces her to talk to her parents. They are supportive and help her to move on, signing her up for theater school.

Issues this storyline addresses:

Julieta’s story

Julieta is an impulsive rebel who believes that sexual freedom implies aggression with her partner behaving “like a man.” To try and sooth her broken heart, she has unprotected sex with several college boys and is bullied by her classmates for her promiscuity. She drops out of school because of the constant bullying, and suffers sexual abuse at the hand of another classmate. Julieta convinces the boy that loves her to have sex and gives him an STD. Finally landing in the Rehabilitation Youth Center because of illegal behavior, she meets girls whose lives are more difficult than her own. Her attitude changes for the better, and she starts an organization with her father’s money to promote STD prevention.

Leonidas’s story

Leonidas is insecure about his body, and he’s reluctant to begin having sex. He turns to his close female friend, who is much more sexually experienced than he is, and asks her to tell people that the two of them slept together. Instead of helping his reputation, his schoolmates judge him for having had sex with a promiscuous girl. Rumors circulate that he had contracted an STD, and he regrets his lies. He eventually confesses that he is still a virgin and takes ownership of his sexually.

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